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I took this picture because it represents religion. The man is heading to the mosque to be on time prayer has left his business just near the mosque.

The picture is of a mosque in Ben msik neighborhood . It represents the presence of religion within the community in general and in people's life specifically.

I took this picture because i thought it would be striking just to see how people trust the surroundings of the mosque even if it is located in a kind of dangerous street.

Mosques are not only for worship, but also for trade. [Merchants sometimes sell their wares at the entry point of the mosques].

Another specific design for a mosque

The few people are getting ready to enter the mosque for the Friday prayer

I liked this view because it just reflects my life as well as other student's life within our campus.

The picture is of a primary school located in Ben M'sik. It's the school where we used to teach. It gives a general view of what a primary school look like in that neighborhood

Taking this picture, i wanted to show the relation of moms and thier kids. If we look on the picture we will notice many women over there who are waiting for their children at miday in front of the school. I think this gives a notion of how theā€¦

This picture shows the different social levels existing in ben m'sik