When the Camera Speaks


Hands ImageThe photography project is one of the central parts of our exhibit. In an investigation of identity, the Moroccan and American teams created a list of themes that comprise our individual and community identities, as well as those that reflect the values of our project: tradition, tolerance, community, freedom, and religion, among others. We explored these themes through photography, allowing the camera to “speak,” and here offer our perspectives on the different components of identity. 

Each word is described by project team members and photos are tagged by theme, enabling visitors to explore individual representations of each term. Some of the photos were taken by members of the U.S. team during their visit to Morocco in December 2011, some by residents of each country in their home communities, and others by both teams during their visit to Washington, D.C., in March 2012.  Each photo is captioned by its creator; the captions give insight into the perspective and unique voice of individual project team members.

We invite you to explore our photos and reflect on your own understanding of identity.