Personal Stories


Personal narratives give the most clear insight into an individual or collective group identity.  To effectively understand identity and dispel stereotypes it is important to go straight to the source and engage in dialogue.  Interviews conducted in both Ben M'sik and metro Atlanta effectively sought understanding through conversation.

The Identities team presents here oral histories and community conservations created by past project teams, as well as their own personal statements about, experiences of, and reflections on project work in 2011-2012.  These stories, we hope, show the commonalities among Moroccan and American Muslims and non-Muslims.

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Oral Histories

What We Learned

The Ben M’Sik Community Museum and the Museum of History and Holocaust Education  developed an online exhibition to examine the “clash of civilizations” rhetoric by comparing histories, traditions, and customs. The result, Identities: Understanding Islam in a Cross-Cultural Context, prepared project members on both sides of the Atlantic to educate others about cross-cultural and community-based museum partnerships. The ensuing exchange between the two museums and their communities ultimately led to increased knowledge about each other’s cultural traditions and a heightened sense of community engagement. Explore what we learned about museums, about other cultures, and about ourselves.