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When the Camera Speaks

Hands ImageThe photography project is one of the central parts of our exhibit. In an investigation of identity, the Moroccan and American teams created a list of themes that comprise our individual and community identities, as well as those that reflect the values of our project: tradition, tolerance, community, freedom, and religion, among others. We explored these themes through photography, allowing the camera to “speak,” and here offer our perspectives on the different components of identity. 

Each word is described by project team members and photos are tagged by theme, enabling visitors to explore individual representations of each term. Some of the photos were taken by members of the U.S. team during their visit to Morocco in December 2011, some by residents of each country in their home communities, and others by both teams during their visit to Washington, D.C., in March 2012.  Each photo is captioned by its creator; the captions give insight into the perspective and unique voice of individual project team members.

We invite you to explore our photos and reflect on your own understanding of identity. 

Community Histories

Hassan II Mosque, Religion, RichardOur community history pages highlight the neighborhood of Ben M'sik, Casablanca, and the Muslim Community in metro Atlanta, Georgia. Though an ocean apart, the two places have both been defined by migration, a booming population, and a diversity of traditions.

Personal Stories

Personal narratives give the most clear insight into an individual or collective group identity.  To effectively understand identity and dispel stereotypes it is important to go straight to the source and engage in dialogue.  Interviews conducted in both Ben M'sik and metro Atlanta effectively sought understanding through conversation.

The Identities team presents here oral histories and community conservations created by past project teams, as well as their own personal statements about, experiences of, and reflections on project work in 2011-2012.  These stories, we hope, show the commonalities among Moroccan and American Muslims and non-Muslims.

Click here to access the full collection of transcripts.

9/11 Project

9/11 ImageIdentities: Understanding Islam in a Cross-Cultural Context is a collaborative project conducted by staff and students from the Ben M’Sik Community Museum in Casablanca, Morocco and the Museum of History and Holocaust Education, Kennesaw, Georgia. This online exhibition seeks to dispel stereotypes of Muslims and Islam with a particular emphasis on the local communities of both participating museums. The project teams in Morocco and the United States are aware that these are very sensitive issues, but we believe that understanding and trust only comes through education and dialogue.

On the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the sense that Muslims are dangerous and/or anti-American was a persistent narrative. The American students working on the Identities project were asked to attend 9/11 commemorations in North Georgia to examine how narratives about Islam and Muslim life shape our national consciousness. Click here to view the student responses.

For a small sample of articles about how Islam was represented in the media around the tenth anniversary of 9/11, click here.

For information about two community-based discussions in Georgia about Islam around 9/11, click here.