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Members from the Ben M'sik Community Museum

Prof. Samir El Azhar, Prof. Abdelouhad Dbich, Prof. Mohamed Jadour
Zineb Arezdi, Ismael Ait Barka, Meryem Bassi, Khadija Berraz, Ismail Chaki, Sohaib El Hajili, Imane Hafidi, Houda Karamallah, Karim Krouk, Zineb Loutfi, Ghita Merzougi, Assia Ousa, Sara Rachidi, Soukaina Rechkaoui, Mohamed Sadiki, Khadija Sadouk, Youssef Sourgo, Mohamed Wardi, Soumia Zahouani, Chaimaa Zamat

Members from the Museum of History and Holocaust Education

Faculty and Staff:
Dr. Julia Brock, Dr. Catherine Lewis, Dr. Jennifer Dickey, Richard Harker, Zoila Torres
Technology and Design Intern:
Matt Scott
Ali Abedi, Christine Arabatzias, Robyn Gagne, Stefanie Green, Nick Harford, Christopher Harris, Lauren Sproul, Nathan Teasdale, Dara Vekasy

Special Thanks

This project would not be possible without the generous support of the American Association of Museums, particularly Heather Berry and Brooke Leonard, as well as the United States Department of State, particularly Michele Peregrin and Markita Brooks.

The project was also generously supported by Abdelmajid Kaddouri, Dean of Faculty of Letters and Humanities, Ben M'sik, Casblanca. Since the very beginning of the BMCM-MHHE partnership, Dean Kaddouri has been supportive of our different projects and has encouraged the growth of academic and cultural relations with Kennesaw State University.

A special thanks to those at Kennesaw State University who provided technological support for our project, particularly Dr. Randy Hinds, Vice President for Operations, and Steve Howard, Information Technology Services.

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