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About the Ben M'sik Community Museum

The Ben M’sik Community Museum (BMCM) is a burgeoning museum housed at Faculty of Letters and Humanities, Ben M’sik, Casablanca, Morocco, located at the heart of the diverse Ben M’sik neighborhood of Casablanca. The decision to create the Ben M’sik Community Museum, the first of its kind in Morocco, is an indication of its commitment to establish deeper contacts with the community it serves. The BMCM’s mission “to preserve memory by interpreting, exhibiting, and promoting the stories of the diverse populations of the neighborhood and its region” supports the University’s own mission of increasing the number of interactions with partners belonging to its socio-economic environment.

Of the less than 20 museums in Morocco, the BMCM is one of two located in Casablanca. The BMCM is unique in its focus as a center of community engagement. Unlike traditional museums that primarily collect and display antiquities and great works of art, the BMCM specifically seeks to document the day-to-day lives of local residents.